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We exist to keep you motivated on your road to glory. Whether you’re getting up at 5 am to go to the gym, or you’re burning the midnight oil working on your side hustle, you have the drive to better yourself. We’re here to keep the fire burning inside you, because we know you’ll never quit!


 Our symbol, the rattlesnake, is a creature symbolic of fear, but also of rebirth and renewal. Grabbing a bag of Rattle Energy coffee is like grabbing a rattlesnake with your barehands. it’s a reminder of the bravery it takes to face your fears and step out of your comfort zone.

Jon Klemm – Owner

Rattle Energy was born out of a deep desire in our founder to inspire others to become better. He set out to create the ultimate cup of coffee to kickstart hardworking self-reliant individuals in their quest to achieve their greatest potential. When you start your day with Rattle Energy, you’re telling the world that you fear no obstacle. 

Jon Klemm – Owner

A message from the owner:

Directly contact us for any support/motivation/inspiration/advice/questions/someone to hold you accountable to your goals & actions. We are 100% here for each and everyone of you!
No goal too small & nobody left out!
I want every single person that comes across this to become the best version of themselves possible!
Are you ready to become all you can be?! Send emails to –  Jon@RattleEnergyCompany.com
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Why Choose Us

Rattle Energy - Unleash your inner power!

The finest coffee beans

Coffee to help you conquer your day

Success Stories

Since then, I haven't missed a week of your delectable coffee. I used to purchase the widely used coffee, but I discovered that yours tasted better, was maintained better, and consistently produced the ideal cup! Even my other family member became addicted to it because of me! I appreciate the excellent cup of coffee.”

John Doe

The issue with being completely dependent on your coffees is that I seldom find truly nice coffee at restaurants and other establishments. I adore coffee and have probably tried every kind (even custom blends) on the market, but none compare to yours in terms of consuming enjoyment. Your coffee is highly praised by everyone who has sampled it at my home. We appreciate you producing coffee that is superior to all others in taste and scent!"


I've spent a lot of time fiddling with my coffee grinder and espresso machine since I thought there must be a problem with them because I haven't been able to obtain a good shot of espresso from the machine in a while. Whoa! I bought your coffee. As long as I utilize your beans, my machines are in perfect working order. One of the nicest lattes I've had in a long time, whether at home or abroad, is what I'm drinking as I sit here. I appreciate your helping me avoid spending thousands of dollars on an espresso machine that I don't need



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90% of our coffees are usually Fair Trade Certified or Organic at any one moment. While coffee is a global commodity, sometimes we obtain coffees that are not US-certified FTO owing to trade agreements and politics. Where applicable, we thoroughly inspect our coffees to make sure they meet or exceed FTO standards.

Only our flavored coffee contains additional flavor additives. While we give these taste notes names, they are entirely natural and represent our coffees’ strongest flavor sensations. Coffee is a fruit seed that, when roasted, takes on a variety of rich characteristics. To ensure fresh coffees, distinctive tastes, and mouthwatering sweetness, we conduct stringent quality control throughout the sourcing and roasting processes.

A coffee mix contains coffee from several coffee sources. We combine coffees to provide a certain taste profile that is pleasing all year long.

Single-origin coffee is just that—a coffee from a single origin. It might be a single nation, county, farmer, parcel, or even variety. Our single origins provide more unusual, intriguing taste characteristics than the mixes since they are rotated seasonally numerous times a year.

Coffee has the same kinds of lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins as any other agricultural product. Coffee, in contrast to other agricultural goods, also contains organic matter and alkaloids, making it a superior fuel source. Coffee is the ideal fuel source due to the naturally occurring caffeine, which is superior to the manufactured caffeine found in energy drinks, as well as the trace electrolytes.

The use of a french press, Chemex, pour-over, aero press, etc., is advised. Nonetheless, we are aware that the majority of customers use drip machines; thus, we do quality control for all brewing techniques.

We advise a 1:16 ratio (coffee:water).

We are able to start the sugar caramelization phase of roasting earlier and remain in it longer because to the lower air pressure at our roasting headquarters in Lake Tahoe, which is located at an altitude of 6000 feet. We can retain natural sweetness, but we cannot produce more of it. Both our roasting method and the favorable altitude have a role.

There are several different types of coffee storage myths. Our resealable bags or anything else that reduces oxygen exposure is recommended for keeping our coffee at room temperature.